Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Karma Babies?

They are the cutest, most lovable, most collectible, digital cards in the world…and they could be very, very valuable.

How do I get a Karma Baby?

Your first Karma Baby is totally FREE! Just download the app

How do I get moreKarma Babies?

New babies are born every month. Subscribe to get yours!

What is a Karma Mission?

Karma Missions help you reveal more cards.

Why are rarity scores so important?

Rare Karma Babies could be super-valuable!!!

How rare is my baby?

Hint: these are afew of the rarity scores you might see...

1M   Very, very common - but still lovable

100K  Very common - thousands of identical twins all with good karma

10K Common - lotsif shared digital genetics

5k  Kinda common - maybe you’ve seen another one

2K  Getting rare - might be the only one in your country or your city

1k   Pretty rare - Only 999 others in the whole world

500  Rare  -Woohoo great find!

100  Very rare - Wow! Wow! Wow! Your lucky day

50 Super rare -you may never see another baby like this irl!

10 Amazing discovery - only 9 other people in the world have this baby

5   Totally mind-blowing!!! Congratulations

1  A 100% unique, one of a kind Karma Baby!!!!

A rarity score tells you exactly how rare your Baby is - example 25k means there are a twenty-five thousand babies that look like yours - 10 means ONLY ten babies in the whole world look like yours - rare babies could be valuable!

Why were Karma Babies invented?

See our mission here

How do I start?

Download the app and get your first Karma baby - FREE!!! Join the craze! Babies will feed the world!!!!