Why this means so much

Why this means so much

Our Mission

Growing up in South Africa I was surrounded by both extreme wealth and extreme poverty. My family were loving and supportive but not financially well off. Money (or, should I say, lack thereof) was a constant source of tension in my house.

Despite our difficult circumstances my parents insisted that we were lucky. Lucky to have a house, a family and food on our table. To be honest, I didn’t listen, and I didn’t care.

The homeless beggars that harassed me for spare change were nothing more than a nuisance. They weren’t like me. They were dirty, smelly, scary even. Some were so thin that I could see their ribs. Some were wearing trash bags. I wished that I didn’t have to see them. That someone would “take them away”. I hated them.

My dream was to make money. To immigrate. Then I wouldn’t have to see them anymore... those wasted people. If I could just move far enough away, I’d never have to face those sad eyes again.

20 years later ....

I’m in Beverly Hills, sitting outside my attorney’s office. This morning I sold my company. I should be on top of the world... but I’m not. Believe it or not I’m devastated. I’m holding my head in my hands and crying. I can’t help thinking that I’ve failed. Not as a “businessman”, but as a human.

Ironically, I was exactly where I thought I wanted to be. Financially successful and far, far away from the poverty. But,  despite everything, I wasn’t happy. Not even close. Out of sight, out of mind... right? Wrong!!!!

I couldn’t forget. Couldn’t forget the old man who wore plastic wrapping as a shirt. I saw him in my nightmares. Kneeling on the tar-road outside my house, waiting to die. I couldn’t forget the bony children, the little girl who rummaged through our trash cans in search of her next meal.

I couldn’t forget that while I was spending a hundred dollars on a single meal, there were people (people just like me) that were starving. I couldn’t outrun the truth anymore. I needed to admit it, and confront my demons. They were starving and I was doing nothing... What had I become? Who had I become? The shame of indifference was suffocating my soul.

The turning point ....

Like most people facing a crisis of consciousness, I started talking about my feelings. A lot! Reaching out to my friends and family. Trying to gain some Insight. Some perspective. Did they agree? Was I going crazy? Was I missing something? Should I just be grateful and stop looking for problems?

As it turns out, discussing my concerns was a very good idea. In fact, the more people I spoke to, the more obvious it became that I wasn’t alone. Far from it. Without exception, everyone I asked felt exactly the same. They were grateful for their lives and their blessings but, at the same time, conflicted. Confused about a world where we can build rockets to the moon, watch videos on our phones and invent self-driving cars... but we can’t get a two-year-old boy enough nutrition to survive the summer.

I also realized how passionate people were about finding a solution. Everyone wanted to help... but no one knew how. Most people would look sad and say, “of course I'd love to help but what can I do?”

I’d hear that exact sentence so often that it used to keep me awake. What could one person do? And then it hit me. Hard. There was nothing that one person could do ... but there was something that WE could do together!!!

It was a magic moment. WE all thought and felt the same. WE needed to do something. Something that would change things forever. Something WE could be proud of. Something huge. WE could take action. TOGETHER for the first time in history. WE as a species. WE as a humanity. WE as a group. WE!!! Undivided by race, religion, sex, location, age, language or creed. Instead UNITED by heart, by love, by peace and by hope.

If WE all joined together, WE could feed every person on our earth. WE could be proud. We could be united. WE could be heroes.

Crowdsourcing and the power of “WE”...

Armed with this simple idea I sprang into action. After consulting with some of the smartest people I knew, including our very own Chief Karma Officer (CKO) Devin Karpes, WE all agreed on one thing. People wanted to help. People cared about their fellow human beings. And, thanks to the power of “WE” ending hunger was a finally a possibility.

In 2022 WE do a lot of things as a crowd and as a group. Social media has over two billion participants. WE literally make the news together. The internet has over three billion users. WE literally create information together... even videos have billions of viewers. WE literally make superstars together.

If WE can do this then WE can solve world hunger. TOGETHER!

All it takes is for each one of us to join Karma Babies.

This can be the time and place that humanity joins each other and says, “WE care”. “WE stand together”. WE will end hunger”.

Can Karma Babies really work?

YES, and here’s why

Karma Babies has ZERO profit motive. 100% of all money collected will be donated directly to the United Nations (UN) food program.There will be total transparency. No salaries, no expenses, no selfishness at all. Instead Karma Babies is powered entirely by volunteers giving time, effort and love.

We want more effort not more money. No matter how rich you are or how much you want to help you can never give more than $1/month. What we ask, is that instead of giving more money, you share Karma Babies. That you let the world know that YOU are doing your part and now WE must do ours. 

Invite your parents, grandparents, friends,  brothers, sisters, cousins, grandchildren, celebrities, social media hero’s, influencers, politicians, religious leaders ... everyone to join. To unite. To join YOU. To join US. To JoinTOGETHER.

WE are the solution. WE can feed our brothers and sisters. WE can end hunger. WE can do it together.

My dream is that WE all wake up in a world where hunger is, something we only read about in history books. WE become the hero’s that solved it. OUR generation. OUR effort. OUR caring. OUR passion. OUR solution.

Let’s make OUR world a place where we don’t have to pretend that there aren’t hungry children. That we don’t have to ignore the silent cries from far away mouths. That we don’t have to keep the problem “out of sight, out of mind”.

Let’s make OUR world a place WE can be proud of. A place where WE have come together. Where WE are the solution. Where WE are the heroes.

From the bottom of my heart I thank each of you who is reading this. Who has joined the Karma Baby’s community. YOU have shown your heart. YOU are saving lives. YOU are my hero.

Alan L.
Founder - Karma Babies